First 2023 BIO


Ideal serving temperature 10 °C, white wine glass, aging potential 2 years.

0.75 L, 12% vol alcohol, contains sulfites

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Fisch & Meeresfrüchte

Sebastian & Thomas, the sons of Hannes and Anita, introduce you to their wine:

It was named “First” and is a cuvée made from 60% Sauvignon and 40% Cabernet Blanc. Cabernet Blanc is a fungus-resistant variety and has only been bottled at our winery for a couple of years. This combination makes this wine an unforgettable experience. The grapes for this wine were harvested by hand, gently pressed and fermented in steel tanks. The aroma of the wine is very complex and multi-layered. Yellow fruits and a slight hint of green pepper complete its appeal on the palate.