The Tattendorf terroir


Frauenfeld und Holzspur (on the map 1 and 2)

Southeast of Tattendorf on he St. Laurent-path. 15 hectares with the best soil for Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, and with our oldest vines of these two grape varieties.

Lores Vineyard (3)

Located further still to the southeast. Four hectares with a top layer of black earth covering and comparatively cool soils. These vineyards are planted to Chardonnay and a small amount of Sauvignon Blanc. Due to the characteristics of this soil, the wines from this area have a very lively acidity level, whereby the Sauvignon Blanc is particularly well suited for the Dialog cuvée.

Dornfeld Vineyard (4)

Located southwest of Tattendorf. This vineyard's soil has an especially high lime content. The four hectares here are planted to Merlot and Zweigelt.

Kellerried (5)

Seven hectares directly adjoining Johanneshof Reinisch with typical alluvial soil, in which lime gravel, sand and loam are all found within a very small area. The various vine varieties are planted in a correspondingly differentiated manner.

The individual growing locations in Gumpoldskirchen